Woodworker's Logo & Branding Iron

One of my family members is a woodworking enthusiast. I wanted to give him something special for his birthday —  a wood branding iron with his personal logo.

I decided to create a logo based on the original spelling of the last name —  Leonhardt, adding an image of a woodworking tool. According to the requirements of the company making custom branding irons, the whole logo had to fit into a 1.5-inch circle.

A hand planer was a natural choice for this logo. It has a pleasing, refined silhouette and represents the hand-made nature of wooden furniture. Its shape also resonates with the typographic, the handle being close in shape to the capital “L”, and the knob echoing the ending “d”. An oak leaf was added to represent both the wood and the German heritage. Garamond font was used for the text itself.

The gift was accepted with joy, and now all the projects of the woodworker proudly bear his personal mark.


Wooden background by rawpixel.com

January 1, 2000

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