Child Advocacy Center Infographic

Susie’s Place, a child advocacy center in Indiana needed an infographic to showcase results of their efforts in social networks and email newsletter.

My goal was to create an easy to understand graphic highlighting the provided data points, and to match the style of the center’s website.

I started by creating a very basic, grayscale draft that aimed to provide an idea about the relative size and placement of the elements. Large numbers were used to attract viewer’s attention to the data points, while a grid of school icons and a map helped to visualize the impact

After discussing the design with the client and making several adjustments, I added color using the palette of the website.

On the last stage some subtle details like shadows, textures and background icons were added.

The final version of the infographic highlighted all the necessary points and matched the center’s visual style.


Data and program logos were provided by the client

adobe illustrator
January 1, 2000

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