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Owner of a sport-related website wanted to update his logo. The original logo didn't represent the brand as well as it could: although the idea of a flying football was good, the unnaturally curved trajectory and tiny size of the ball was easier to connect with satellite communications than sports.

My goal was to create a new logo based on the TDS letters or company name that would better fit the brand, look modern and catchy

I started with a several quick pencil sketches exploring the possible directions of the design.

Ultimately, the idea based on the original logo was selected. It featured an enlarged ball flying right through the letters using the hole in D as a "goal". The fist vector draft was created based on this sketch.

On the next step, I established a palette for the logo, and refined its details. After a couple of rounds of feedback the final logo was ready

Several variations were created so that the logo could be used on dark and light backgrounds.

My client was happy with the logo, which represented his brand much better than the original did.


Image of the original logo was provided by the client

January 1, 2000

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