Sidewalk Guide Infographic

Being a fast-paced pedestrian isn’t easy. Being a couple of fast-paced pedestrians on a narrow sidewalk in a rush hour is outright hard. Finding it too difficult to explain what would be the the best ways to maneuver using words, I’ve set on visualizing it.

I wanted to create an infographic that would depict what I see as the the best way to overtake, give way or to be outrun.

The poster-sized format was chosen because it provided ample space and allowed for the final work to be printed easily, if necessary. Pedestrians were depicted as colored circles, and their movement was suggested by blending and arrows. Short text notes included before each section explained the best way of action and complemented the graphic. To make the infographic a little more light-hearted, I’ve added some speech bubbles for conversations that may happen on a sidewalk

Completed image proved to be an effective way to explain my preferred sidewalk strategy to my friends. Maybe it can help you too!


You can download full-resolution file here.

January 1, 2000

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