Scrapbooking Class Announcement Graphic

My client launched a scrapbooking class for beginners and required a graphic for an announcement in social networks.

A square image featuring the class name was needed. The colors had to be subtle, but fresh. It was important to keep in mind that the target audience might not be familiar with scrapbooking and had to be provided with an idea.

I wanted to include some actual scrapbooking creations in the image, and the works of the class instructor were a natural choice. Among the provided files I chose three pages that demonstrated the notions of scrapbooking well by featuring the “My Story” page title, a black & white photo to represent the memory keeping, and a photo of a woman doing scrapbooking.

All chosen pages had photos in the same top-right corner, which allowed for “stacking” them. For the title, I chose a friendly and lighthearted script font similar to one seen in the pages and combined it with an unobtrusive sans serif. Finally, to balance the composition a couple of hearts were added, resembling actual scrapbooking embellishments.

Final graphic met all of my client’s needs and attracted a lot of participants for the class.


Photos of scrapbooking pages made by the client, digital scrapbooking paper for the background

adobe photoshop
January 1, 2000

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