New Website Announcement Graphic

An online scrapbooking store updated its website  and needed a graphic for an announcement in Instagram.

I’ve set on creating a graphic for a post that introduced the store’s customers to the new website. The brand palette of pink, teal & light green had to be present and I was asked to add the introduction text directly to the image.

The idea was to visualize “the process” of the website creation in an everyday manner while also showing both what the new website looks like and what the product is. The text of the post emphasized that a lot of thought was put in the development of the new website and that the owner truly wanted to improve the customer experience.

To support this idea of careful planning and to offer a sneak peek of the new website I hand-drew a sketch of the website, and created a photo of it in a casual setting, with some scrapbooking papers and embellishments included in the background.

An appealing and friendly image was fully aligned with the new website’s design, and served both as an announcement and an introduction.


Scrapbooking supplies (physical), brand color palette & text to include on the image were supplied by the client

January 1, 2000

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