Beer Logo Revamp

A brewery needed a variation of their logo for the special variety of Belgian Blond Ale. The beer was created right around the time when Naomi Parker passed away. This, along with the fact that the brewery’s target audience is blue collar workers, made Rosie the Riveter the perfect symbol of strength for this particular beer.

My goal was to rework the original logo that featured a black hand in a red circle. I needed to incorporate the colors and elements of the classic Rosie the Riveter poster while keeping the shape of the logo recognizable.

Unfortunately, the vector version of the original logo wasn’t available. I started by tracing the image and modifying it to achieve a more feminine look.

I experimented with two different options for the scarf placement. Ultimately, the front facing palm was chosen for the logo.

The sleeve and other details were added and refined and the logo was colored using the palette of the poster.

The resulting logo was exactly what my client was looking for. Symbolizing strength and unity it blended well with the brand’s identity.


Original logo provided by the client. Rosie the Riveter image from

January 1, 2000

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