Ice Cream Madness Infographic

My client, a producer of flavors and fragrances, ran a social media campaign creating a March Madness-style competition where followers voted for their favorite ice cream flavors.

My task was to create an infographic created based on the final bracket, highlighting the most interesting discoveries.

After defining the data that should be present on the infographic, I created a basic layout to determine the placement and relative size of the elements. The use of a long vertical canvas instead of a traditional four-corner bracket allowed for “storytelling”: first part introduced the flavor regions, the next led viewer through the final stages of the competition, followed by a celebration of the winning flavor and a footer with some additional info.

To represent the competing flavors, I made a series of icons that used one basic shape of a scoop with additional elements and colors added to represent each ice cream variety.

The resulting infographic allowed the viewer to find out the most important finding of the campaign and while promoting my client’s products and services


Infographic data & texts were provided by the client

adobe illustrator
January 1, 2000

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