Household Waste Ecology Infographic

My client needed an infographic showing the amount of waste generated by households in their city per person per year.

The image had to be compact enough to be readable on smartphone screens and clearly show the trend.

There were several options for this infographic: a set of proportionately sized objects (i.e. trash bags), a bar chart, and a graph. The first option wasn’t optimal because the difference in size wasn’t representative enough, and the second one didn’t show the trend well.

A graph, on the other hand, was meeting our needs while still leaving some space for the text and supporting images. For the latter, I’ve created a simple landscape built of flat elements. A combo of green, yellow and light blue helped to establish the mood.

Finished graphic provided all the necessary information at a glance.


Data and numbers were provided by the client.

January 1, 2000

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