Flat Lay Product Collage

An online scrapbooking store received a bunch of new goods, and the manager wanted to make an Instagram announcement showing the most prominent products using a flat lay style image. Alas, taking an actual photo wasn’t possible.

My task was to create a collage using a bunch of manufacturer-supplied photos. Some of the photos featured products on white background, while in others the products needed to be cleaned up or isolated before using.

I asked the client to make a draft photo of the products lying together on a flat surface, without worrying about placement or proper lightning. That allowed me to correctly size the images in the collage. Then shadows were added to match the height of the products and the composition was finished with a couple of succulents for a fresher look.

The final image featured all the products in a diagonal grid. Cropping of the images near the border suggested that there was more to explore and invited the viewers to visit the store’s website for more discoveries.


Photos of products and a draft photo to allow for size comparison were supplied by the client. Stock photos were used for the succulents

adobe photoshop
January 1, 2000

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