Eco Infographic

An eco-friendly cleaning agency needed an illustration for a social media post about decomposition rates of different common objects.

I was asked to create an infographic on a square format. It didn’t need to contain a lot of text as the necessary description was to be placed in the caption of the Instagram post, but had to include the images of the objects discussed.

Usually, infographics of this kind simply list numbers, but for this case, I wanted to concentrate on the objects themselves. Some of the objects had to be isolated before they could be used on a white background. Periods were represented by a timeline rather than typographic. Random placement of the images was balanced by a limited palette of grays, greens, and blues.

Resulting graphic helped to support the text and clearly demonstrated how long it takes to decompose different objects.


Images of the objects. Information on decomposition rates was provided by the client

adobe photoshop
January 1, 2000

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