Corporate Values Wall Decal

My client, a group of companies in the HVAC industry, needed a wall decal to refreshen a long corridor in their office space.

The decal needed to go along with their core values poster, have a connected feel, “almost like an HVAC system engineering drawing”, and use most of the space on the 8.5 feet tall and 23.5 feet wide wall.

Following these prompts, I developed a layout of intersecting «pipes» which could be built of separate strips of 4″ vinyl. The whole design was based on relatively simple repeating shapes to be easy to install without too high a level of precision.

I concentrated the text and icons of the core values in the vertical center for comfortable viewing. In the end, some details like fans and boxes were added to strengthen the connection with HVAC.

The decal helped to brighten up the office space.


Photos for the mockups and logos were by the client

adobe illustrator
January 1, 2000

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