Blog Post Cover Series

My client needed some header images to illustrate the content of their blog posts.

My goal was to create the headers based on the existing style and color palette of their website. The most interesting part of the project was the fact that there were two distinct styles to work with.

Given that the brand guide wasn't available, I had to build my own templates and color palettes by studying the website. The two styles represented two versions of the product: the first one was more user-friendly and casual and combined shades of gray with red highlights; the second one was more refined, it featured black background with violet and orange accents and relied heavily on gradients. The two styles were unified by the space theme, mostly flat elements, use of lines on background and a grain effect.

The blog header images fit the existing style well, while serving as nice illustration of the blog post topics.

adobe illustrator
January 1, 2000

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