Cleaning Humor Post Series

A cleaning agency wanted to increase likes and shares in their Instagram account by posting some humorous content.

I was asked to create a series of graphics featuring some funny quotes. The requirements were the use of square format and text large enough to be easily read on a mobile screen, simple and airy design featuring the agency’s palette of blues, and a simple grid that would allow us to create more posts of that kind in future.

I developed a template that used the company’s brand color with slight variations for the background. Over it, I added a simple grid with space for text in the upper part and a space for an illustration in the bottom. Then I created simple line images that illustrated the quotes nicely. The text was highlighted with white strokes to match the images

An appealing and memorable graphics helped to increase the engagement in the social network.


Brand palette and texts were provided by the client

January 1, 2000

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