Old Way vs New Way Infographic

My client needed a graphic that would help to display the advantages of their product using before and after concept.

I was asked to create two compact infographics to represent this concept, as well as a PDF layout which could be hosted on the client’s website and used for print.

I started out by creating the layout in grayscale. This approach helps to concentrate on size and positioning of the elements first, before diving deeper into style and color aspects of design.

The main challenge was the fact that the second, “New way” infographic needed to fit much more text into the same space. The addition of tangled lines and various icons to the “Old way” piece leveled the visual density of two pieces while helping to reinforce the idea of complications caused by the traditional approach.

The final piece clearly showed the advantage of the client’s product.


Text, logos and color scheme were provided by the client

adobe illustrator
January 1, 2000

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