Black Friday Promotional Graphic

An online scrapbooking store prepared a Black Friday deal for its customers and needed a graphic for an announcement in Instagram

Create a graphic for a social network post about Black Friday sale in a scrapbook store. Color black had to be present to create an association with the Black Friday event but minimized to avoid clashing with the overall style of the account. The required elements were the discount percentage and the date of the sale

The idea was to create a photo that would look like a snapshot of the scrapbooking process. The notion of “cutting the prices” was represented by some actual cut-outs. I decided to use bold black color only for the title —  enough to create an association with Black Friday without overpowering the rest of the image. The rest of the frame was filled with some traditional scrapbooking supplies.

A lively image that conveyed the message about discount while creating an inviting and inspiring feel of a new craft project being done.


Scrapbooking supplies for the photo were provided by the client

adobe photoshop
January 1, 2000

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