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Being an enthusiastic baker and cook, and enjoying developing new recipes and tweaking existing ones, I created BakeCent —  an app for writing down personal recipes —  as a hobby project. The app follows the baker's percent approach, which uses percents instead of conventional measurements like cups and spoons.

I wanted to add a set of basic infographics to the app to help with on-boarding of new users.

For the graphics, a simple line style was chosen for clarity and ease of implementation. To add some interest, I added a slight offset to the fill.

Resulting infographics have made it easier to explain the logic behind the app, namely:

The difference between a regular recipe and a formula and the notion of converting percents to weight in grams on the fly.

BakeCent. Conventional recipes make it hard to guess what is the proportion of ingredients
BakeCent. Formulas make it easy to see the proportions of ingredients

Usage of "Anchor" ingredients that total to 100%.

BakeCent. Without an anchor, all ingredients total to 100%
BakeCent. Anchor ingredient is always 100%, and percents of all other ingredients are calculated from it.
BakeCent. With many anchors, their total is always 100%.

Advantages of using the anchor ingredients when scaling or adjusting a formula.

BakeCent. Having an anchor makes it easy to see exactly what is different in two similar formulas.

Bakecent is currently in closed beta. Contact me if you are interested in testing the app.

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January 1, 2000

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