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My client needed a logo for an eco-friendly music band. The band’s name “Algorhythm” is a clever combination of Al Gore and Rhythm, which reflects their views on the environment, politics and music.

My goal was to create a logo that would highlight the band’s name and ideas.

ActionI started by brainstorming several possible ideas, bringing together the classic notions of ecology and politics like green sprouts, planet Earth, air pollution and the need of the urgent decision.

After one of the options was selected, I converted it to vector format and added color. For use on banners a supporting background of tangled waves was created.

The final logo, with its strong contrast between red, black and soft colors of the planet is a perfect fit for the band’s ideas.

A mockup of the logo used on a stage:


Source photo for the mockup: Bárbara Oliveira from Pexels

adobe illustrator
January 1, 2000

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